Wednesday, December 2, 200910:02 PM

Cotton - Candy Clouds !


I'm officially starting the count down to the end of my attachment !!

2 weeks and counting !!

And I've finally decided .... to get a daystar !

Time to save up ! WOOOOOOOOO~

Well, I have noting to blog about ...

Till Then !
Nick ~

10.02 pm, 2nd December 2009



Thursday, November 26, 20091:28 AM

It's Russian !

HI GUYS !!!!

It's been 16 days since I last posted .. ok .. here's what happened to my life so far !!

Haaha !!

Watch PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ! Rate it 7/10 !

Not really that scary as it claims to be .. but spooky on the other hand !!

Ending my attachment in 6 weeks time !!!

Started taking my motorbike license !!!

Watched 2012 !! 9 / 10 !! SERIOUSLY A GOOD MOVIE WELL WORTH THE MONEY !!!!!!!!!

Leading the happiest time of my life !!!!!

Ok that's all for now !!

I shall keep this blog updated as much as I can !!!!

Till Then !!
* " The engine's not working !! " " EVERYONE SHUT UP !! , Engine Start ~ " *
Nick ~

1.28am, 26th November 2009



Tuesday, November 10, 200910:42 PM

Happy 18th Birthday Nicholas !

Yeep ~ It's my 18th birthday, the age in which everything fantasy becomes a reality to you .

So what did I do ?

Woke my sorry arse up, played my guitar , polished it , replied all the mass " Happy Birthday's " that everyone is sending me !

So, I wanted to watch paranormal activity ... but dang ~ it had to come out on the 12th of NOVEMBER !!!

So being all shitty and stuff, I had dragged merv down for no reason ... I decided to play pool, so zx and cc hopped along ......


We went for dinner !! Yes, It's like a ritual to have dinner with the friends you enjoy being around with ...

I ate my dinner, laughed & laughed my heart out ...

So I went home on CC's BIKE !! Like .. HE GAVE ME A LIFT !!

I would like to take this moment to thank him ! HAHA !
& Merv for the wonderful chocolates he bought !!

THANKS GUYS ! For making a simple day into another memorable one !!!


I WANNA WATCH !!!!!! RAWR !!!!!!! Haha~ I'm High On Alcohol ! =D

Till Then !
* My Apocalypse *

10.42 pm, 10th November 2009



Sunday, November 8, 20091:15 AM

Breaking My Sins, Calling To My Regrets

If life could just be as simple as cooking and strumming my guitar ...

Oh well, I shan't say much but life's been hectic for me recently ..

It just feels ... I don't know, tied down ? But nevertheless I'm always enjoying life to the max ~

Just a short recap of what I did today with my ever-so-pathetic life ..

Woke up, Slept again, Woke up again, Played my ever so trusty guitar that never fails to de-stress and make me happy .... yes, my guitar is my source of entertainment and happiness. And nothing in this world, makes me more happy than being able to play it... Hahaha !

So ... I did a cover on All The Small Things By BLINK 182 !!! And I finally can play it correctly ... fun and amusing I must say ...

After which I met up with Kelvin, Merv and ZX to have dinner or shall I say .. I was the only one eating in the end ... so after a average dinner .. headed down over to E!HUB to trash our pool skills .. I've goten so rusty at it ... but I TOTALLY ROCKED la .. HAHAHA !

So after in which we all went home .. I plonked my arse on the chair and started typing this entry ... thinking about many things in which I hate .. as I never like to think about unwanted stuff .... Oh well ~ THAT'S LIFE !

I'm ending my attachment in 1 month time ... hate being tied down ... having little time to do my stuff ... don't know how am I gonna celebrate my birthday this Tuesday ... need a looooong break ...

Why is it that I keep getting the feeling that my life is become more and more occupied with unnecessary stuff that I'm constantly trying to find an excuse around it ??

Sometimes .. I just wish I was how I used to be last time ... which is being carefree and never giving a damn and not regretting about anything that I am doing ..... good times, good times .... things are very different now I say ..... I wanna go on a road trip around some countries .. tour Great Britain with my guitar, busking around streets ... that's what I really wanna do now .... and travel the wonderful places of Japan and marvel at the wonders of Taiwan .. anyone keen to join me ?? I'm serious once I've saved up enough to get me past the flight tickets ...

People who know me well enough know that I have a very high tolerance level ... but there are some things in life now I can't tolerate ... I just simply wanna give everything up now ... in which I think only some of my closest friends will know ... Sighing is the only thing I'm doing right now .... which surprisingly seems to help ....

I'll give up everything in my life to be with my guitars and friends ... seriously ... with that I'll end here .

2 more days and hopefully everything will change and turn out for the better ...

Till Then !
* If Only My Lungs Would Let Me Breath For Another Moment, I'll Take The Opportunity To Laugh At This Beautiful Tragedy That I'm In *

1.15 am, 8 November 2009



Friday, October 30, 20097:48 PM

Total Eclipse Of The Heart ~

HELLO Readers !

Yes .. I'm back after a long absence !!

I've been so busy with work that I don't even have time for myself ....

Oh well, things have been going well, I'm falling sick, the earth is dying, I'm surviving on wanton noodles ....

Till Then !
* Out In The Cold Rain With The Rain Drops Falling On My Face, Once Again I'm Relaxed *

7.48 pm, 30th October 2009



Monday, October 26, 20098:39 PM

Life Is ( Fill___In___The___Blanks___)

Aiye ~

Not blogging for a long time ...

I'm like uber tired now .. MINDEF .. WORK ... Everything ....

I think I need a bloody long break ~

Till Then !
* Break Everything Perishable *
Nick ~

8.39 pm, 26th October 2009



Wednesday, October 14, 200910:17 PM

Locked Eyes From Across The Room

Oh well, there's nothing much I have to blog about ... Just that I forgotten to bring my house key and when I reached home, I realized that I did not bring it along with me but thank god that there was some kind soul that was in the house and helped me open the door !!! Thanks ~

So many things have been going on in which I do not want to talk about, maybe only a few of my closest buddies know ~ but, as quoted ~ * THAT'S A HECK LOAD OF SHIT ( MANURE ) !!!! *

Just that I'm so looking forward to the weekends ... although my leave is not being fully approved .. I'm just so looking forward to it .....

Going to make full use of the free time I have .... I'm just so lazy to post any pictures lah .. I think I've got tons of stuff but I'm just super lazy to upload anything ...



2 more months and I'm ending my attachment !!!

In which MINDEF is going to ring my bell soon ........

OH WELL~ I've just learnt a smacking fun song !! ( Thanks MERV ! ) It's Called HYSTERIA by MUSE !!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO ~

Yeep, I'll post pics and vids very very very soon !!

That is if anyone out there is ever patient enough !!

Till Then !
* Senseless Shredding & Fast Paced Songs Are My Cup Of Tea *
Nick ~

10.17 pm, 14th October 2009




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